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    发布时间: 2017-08-16
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    Brand Slogan:

    Stay in the toilet is a enjoy! Make toilet design more scientific, intelligence and humanized

    Product positioning: 

    easy installation, convenient use, easy maintenance, let consumers "enjoy convenience"!

    Business philosophy: 

    people oriented,treat each other sincerely,   strengthen the system,   Employee Care!

    People-oriented is the staff value-oriented understanding, care, development and service concept,  to create mutual respect and mutual respect.

    On this basis to carry out business management and business development.

    Core values of the enterprise: 

     Learn: to maintain the learning ability and positive attitude, to realize the value enhancement    

     Discipline: to the standardization, professional awareness and awareness, so that unity of knowledge and practice

     Goal: The goals agree on the same pace and thought

     Platform: The fittest of the fittest, the value decide the harvest, the ability deside the stage  

     Pragmatic spirit:Honest man, real work

     Sincere solidarity: Treat each other with sincerity and work together

    Vision Goal:  To meet customer needs, customer satisfaction!                        


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